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Helping Investors With Qualified Annuities, Non-Qualified Annuities, And Everything In Between

We are in the business of helping investors with annuities. Why? We grew tired of how annuities were being marketed and presented to consumers. Maybe you have met one or two high-pressured annuity salesmen touting the endless virtues of annuities. Have you ever been told that, “you can participate in the upside of the market with no downside risk”? (We have, and we will dispel why this statement is not true.) Conversely, you may be aware that several financial celebrities want you to stay away from annuities. Maybe you have heard the tagline from one popular money manager: “I hate annuities. And, you should, too.” Well, if you hate annuities, then you must hate social security. Social security is, by definition, an annuity (and a pretty darn good one, too).

We help investors understand guaranteed income options, develop safe retirement strategies, and provide annuity rates. There are many annuities to consider: qualified annuities, non-qualified annuities, and many in between.

Most importantly, we at The Annuity Assistant don’t play on either side of the fence when it comes to annuities. You have a unique situation. Consequently, either an annuity will work in your situation or it won’t. If it doesn’t, we will recommend an alternative option.

Check out our Why Us and How We Can Help page to find out more about The Annuity Assistant and the benefits of working with us.

Why Us

The Annuity Assistant is an independent firm, providing annuity comparison services, education, and direct-to-consumer annuity applications. Unlike captive agents who work specifically with an insurance company or a specific line of products, we are independent and not beholden to any one insurance company. This independent relationship allows us to match the right annuity for your specific situation, recommend alternative options if we feel you don’t need one, and keep your interests first and foremost.


All Annuity Types

We at The Annuity Assistant offer all annuity types from typical fixed annuities to fixed index annuities. We also provide educational services and direct applications for multi-year guaranteed annuities. Never heard of these? MYGAs can be a great alternative to a CD.

If you are looking for guaranteed income, we provide services for all immediate annuities including single-premium immediate annuities (SPIAs), deferred income annuities (DIAs), and qualified longevity annuity contracts (QLACs). (more…)

Guaranteed Income For Life

A few years back, USA Today conducted a survey in which half of respondents were afraid of outliving their retirement savings. Several other publications conducted their own research and came to the same conclusion. Even in some cases, respondents were more afraid of not having any money in retirement than dying! No wonder why: with health care costs rising and employment opportunities better, but still shaky, many near retirees are scared. This situation and fear can be mitigated by establishing guaranteed income for life using immediate annuities. (more…)

Smart and Safe Money Strategies

Smart and safe money strategies? are thinking…You probably have heard this one from another annuity representative or advisor. Yet, that advisor might have access to one or two annuities and maybe a few different strategies. Additionally, he or she may not even know how to develop a proper strategy designed for your specific situation. Our access to thousands of annuities gives us the ability to be creative with, and maximize, what you are trying to do. Annuities can be rather inflexible and boring investment vehicles if they don’t fit your situation. However, if used properly, they can enhance a person’s financial situation and become rather flexible.


Simple Annuity Application Process

That’s right. Why make something complex when it should be simple? Does the feeling of meeting someone pitching you an annuity make you feel ill? We understand. You don’t have to with us. We have made the process easier through the use of technology. Check out or website and education link for educational materials. When you are ready, request a quote. We will be in touch within 24 hours to review your quote and go over your situation in detail. Once we agree an annuity is right for you, we will schedule a follow up call or video chat to present our solutions and start the application. This all can be done over the phone and with technology. The annuity application process is rather simple.

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